Thermal food bags are an incredible asset to businesses that specialize, or work often with, food that must be kept cool, or warm. Whether you need insulated packaging for food to keep a pizza warm while out for delivery, or to keep a perishables cold while moving from point A to point B, thermal food bags are the perfect tool to help you do so. Whether you are looking for insulated bags to keep food cool, thermal bags for got food, or hot and cold bags that can do both, you can find them at Kai Depot.

Wholesale Insulated Delivery Bags — Why They Might Benefit Your Restaurant

As a restaurant that is competing in the modern marketplace, you likely offer delivery services — unless you are a specialty restaurant that likes to focus more on dining as an experience, that is. If you offer delivery services, you likely already have a methodology that you use, whether it be large insulated plastic bins…read more

Why Should Your Business Order Reusable Grocery Bags In Bulk

In a world that asks “Paper or Plastic?”, be the person that says “I brought my own.” There has recently been an uptick in people using their own reusable shopping bags whenever they go on their weekly trip to their local grocery store, but what is the cause of this trend? Well, to put it…read more

Thermal Food Bag Delivery Tools

As a business that specializes in the delivery or transportation of food, you must apply to rigorous standards that ensure the safety of the consumer. When an order is made for food delivery, it can be made from an address that is near, or far, from your business. The greater the distance of the delivery…read more