Shipping perishables has always been an issue. Whether it be food products, or pharmaceuticals, or any other product, your customers are counting on you to get the product from point A to point B without issue. To ensure that your perishables make it to their destination in tact utilize insulated packaging for food and other insulated packaging materials from us at Kai Depot. Our insulated box liners are manufactured with the intent to help businesses like you ship perishables with peace of mind. Shop our store today to view our insulated cardboard boxes.

Perishable Product Storage – Staying Away From The “Danger Zone”

Do you work in an industry that relies on the sales of perishable products to make money? If so, you know how important it is to keep your product within the proper temperature range so that it can even be sold. At Kai Depot, your source for insulated box liners and other temperature-controlling storage products,…read more

Kai Depot Insulated Packaging Solutions

Hello, and welcome to Kai Depot, your provider of insulated box liners and other wholesale packaging supplies. Our insulated packaging materials are manufactured with the intent of allowing people to regulate or maintain the temperature of their perishable products — whether that be foods, medicines, or any other product that is temperature-sensitive. As a wholesale…read more