Kai Depot — Your Source For Wholesale Packaging Supplies

Unless you are a boutique business owner who only operates from your storefront, and not many are, you probably do some shipping from time to time. But do you ship products on a daily, weekly or monthly basis? Should that determine where you purchase your shipping materials from? In today’s blog we will be discussing the benefits of purchasing wholesale packaging supplies and wholesale shipping supplies, regardless the size of your business.

The Most Obvious — A Large Business

Say you own a clothing boutique that has recently become the most popular source for clothing in your part of the state. It probably makes sense to invest in online sales to control the traffic of your store’s location, as well as to allow people to shop your store from the comfort of your own home. In addition to stores that ship a high volume of product, as well as sell from their physical location, there are some stores, like eCommerce stores, that purely provide products online.

For both of these situations, each store must participate in a fair deal of shipping, meaning they need a large amount of shipping supplies at a wholesale price. At Kai Depot, we are a manufacturer, and seller of wholesale packaging supplies ranging from insulated box liners to gold bubble mailers, ensuring that regardless of the product that you need to ship, you can find a wholesale packaging material for it at Kai Depot.

The Slightly Obvious — Medium-Sized Businesses

Just like large businesses that ship a large volume of products, medium-sized businesses also stand to benefit from doing the packaging and shipping supply shopping with a wholesale retailer. Sure, you aren’t shipping products every day, or maybe even every week, but at least once a month almost every business ships a large number of items to its customers.

By shopping for wholesale packaging supplies with Kai Depot, you will save money on you packaging materials by placing orders once every six months rather than once every month. Browse our shipping supplies and packaging materials online today!

The Least Obvious — The Small Business

Now, while it might seem a little silly to order wholesale shipping supplies as a small business, some do it — and if the situation is right, you can save quite a bit of money too. If you are a small business owner who has a slow, but steady, need for shipping supplies or packaging materials, you can save a ton of money by placing one large wholesale order at a time. While it seems like the ideal situation to have a large stockade of packing materials and shipping supplies, it really comes down to if you have the space to store the wholesale shipment. That being said, if you do, place and order today!

Kai Depot — Your Source For Wholesale Packaging Supplies

At Kai Depot we sell wholesale packaging supplies to businesses of all sizes! So if you are a large company looking to stock up for the next month, or a small one looking to stock up for the next year, you have come to the right place. Shot our online store today!