Perishable Product Storage – Staying Away From The “Danger Zone”

Perishable Product Storage

Do you work in an industry that relies on the sales of perishable products to make money? If so, you know how important it is to keep your product within the proper temperature range so that it can even be sold. At Kai Depot, your source for insulated box liners and other temperature-controlling storage products, we understand the inherent need for your business to be able to effectively store cold products without having to worry about the sustained internal temperature of the product while shipping it or storing it in your warehouse.

Why is it important to have the ability to keep your product at a precise temperature? Continue reading to find out.15

Regulating Your Product Temperature Is Ensuring A Paycheck

As a provider of perishable products, it is important to ensure the customer that your product is being sold in it’s most optimal condition. In order to do so, it is important to ensure that your product remains cold throughout the entire supply chain process. From initial packaging to storage and shipping, Kai Depot is your go-to source of insulated storage containers, whether that be our insulated thermal bags, insulated pallet covers, or insulated box liners.

Our Products Keep Perishables Out Of The “Danger Zone”

When people think of the “Danger Zone,” a term coined by the United States Department of Agriculture to describe the temperature safe zone that a perishable good must be stored in, they typically think of food. While it is not uncommon for cold food to need cold storage, it is not the only product that can perish under the wrong conditions. Medicines, vaccines, and various other products derived from organic compounds must all be stored within proper conditions — something that has become known as the “temperature safety zone.”

According to the USDA, cold perishable products must be stored in temperatures of no more than 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Why is this so important? Well, to put it simply, if a perishable product is to become warmer than 40 degrees, it can spoil or become a breeding ground for dangerous bacterias.

How Can You Avoid Spoiling Products?

As we said earlier, selling your product is your livelihood, and you cannot do that when it has spoiled or been potentially tainted by bacteria. Because of this, it is extremely important to keep your product safely secured in a regulated environment during the shipping and storage process. How can you ensure that your product remains cold when it is being shipped, and what happens  if the cooling system fails during storage?

At Kai Depot we manufacture insulated storage solutions like insulated box liners, insulated pallet covers, and insulated delivery bags. All of our insulated packaging materials are manufactured with the intent to keep cold thing cold — ensuring that your products don’t spoil.

At Kai Depot we are a wholesale supplier of insulated packaging materials, meaning we only do business with limited partners. Inquire about becoming one of our wholesale partners today! We look forward to working with you! Contact us today if you have any further questions.