What Are Some Common Things That People Use Wholesale Gold Bubble Mailers To Ship?

What Are Some Common Things That People Use Wholesale Gold Bubble Mailers To Ship

Gold bubble mailers are an interesting shipping solution because while they closely resemble the manila envelope, they also have a thin layer of bubble wrap padding inside them. But why would something so small be so fragile? And Who uses them to ship goods?

As a manufacturer of wholesale packaging supplies, it is not uncommon for people to ask us questions such as the ones above — in fact, it happens all the time. Packaging materials can be interesting because, for most people, they only have to understand how to use a select few packaging materials — making all other bulk packaging supplies seemingly foreign.

In today’s blog post we will be discussing a few of our favorite uses for product packaging supplies like the wholesale gold bubble mailer.

First Things First — What Is A Wholesale Gold Bubble Mailer?

To put it simply, a gold bubble mailer is an envelope that is made from recycled kraft paper that closely resembles the typical manilla envelope that people use to send documents to one another. The key difference between the manilla envelope and our wholesale gold bubble mailer is that out bubble mailers have, well — bubbles. The entire lining of our bubble mailer packaging equipment is lined with bubble wrap, but why?

Below, we will briefly explain the two key scenarios that our wholesale gold bubble mailers come in handy.

The Item Is Fragile

Most people associate bubble wrap with fragile objects, and it is no different with the bubble lining inside our bulk packaging equipment. When combined with the thick kraft paper exterior of our mailers, bubble lining can pad the fragile item, absorbing shock, and lessening the risk of the item breaking.

Now you don’t have to worry about that ceramic Christmas ornament breaking on its way to Grandma and Grandpa’s house! To purchase gold bubble mailers and other wholesale packaging supplies, visit our online store and apply to become a verified wholesale user!

The Item Is Sensitive

When we say that an item is sensitive, we don’t mean that it has a low self-esteem and could break down at any minute. Instead, we mean an item that should not be disclosed to other — something valuable or personal to the sender or recipient. For example, if you were off at college in a different state and lost your car keys, how can you get a spare from your family? Well, they can simply send them to you using a wholesale gold bubble mailer. The bubble lining of the envelope is rigid enough to disguise the contents of the package, meaning that nobody will feel inclined to open it and finds your car keys.  

Order Wholesale Packaging Supplies From Kai Depot Today

As a business owner, you likely make most of your money by providing people with real-world solutions. The Kai Depot wholesale gold bubble mailer is a valuable asset for customers with fragile, or sensitive shipping needs — making it a must-have on your store shelf. If you are interested in placing a wholesale order of our product packaging supplies like our wholesale gold bubble mailers, we urge you to apply to become a preferred wholesale user. Additionally, if you have any questions about our bulk packaging equipment, we hope you contact us to ask questions.

Safe shipping!