Wholesale Insulated Delivery Bags — Why They Might Benefit Your Restaurant

As a restaurant that is competing in the modern marketplace, you likely offer delivery services — unless you are a specialty restaurant that likes to focus more on dining as an experience, that is. If you offer delivery services, you likely already have a methodology that you use, whether it be large insulated plastic bins…read more

Perishable Product Storage – Staying Away From The “Danger Zone”

Do you work in an industry that relies on the sales of perishable products to make money? If so, you know how important it is to keep your product within the proper temperature range so that it can even be sold. At Kai Depot, your source for insulated box liners and other temperature-controlling storage products,…read more

What Are Some Common Things That People Use Wholesale Gold Bubble Mailers To Ship?

Gold bubble mailers are an interesting shipping solution because while they closely resemble the manila envelope, they also have a thin layer of bubble wrap padding inside them. But why would something so small be so fragile? And Who uses them to ship goods? As a manufacturer of wholesale packaging supplies, it is not uncommon…read more