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Wholesale Wood Cable Spool Reels

If you are online searching for “industrial wooden spools for sale” it is likely that you work in an industry that utilizes cables of varying sizes quite often. Wooden cable spools are an extremely valuable resource to industrial companies, as they can not only make for easy storage of wire and cable products, but they can also aid in the distribution or measurement of the wire when it comes time to use it.

Here at kai depot, we understand the various benefits that industrial businesses receive from utilizing large cable spools and wooden reels, being why we produce them wholesale — enabling the industrial companies that require them to purchase a great number of spools without breaking the bank.

In today’s post, we are briefly going to discuss what a wood cable spool or reel is, the common cables and materials that are used with, as well as they three arenas that they can streamline operations within.

What Is A Cable Spool?

If you are unfamiliar with what a cable spool is, or even simply cannot picture what one looks like, try to imagine a spool of twine. A cable spool is the exact same thing, just much larger. Oddly enough, for something with such a different application, cable spools serve the same purpose as spools of twine — consolidating materials.

But what materials do they typically hold?

Elevator Cables – One of the more common materials that are held on our large cable spools is elevator cables. Because of the thickness and weight of elevator cables, our wooden cable spools prove to be a valuable asset for managing spare cables around the warehouse.

Telecommunications Wiring – Telecommunications wires, while not as heavy, or girth, as elevator cables, are quite difficult to manage without the help of our wholesale wooden cable spools. The hard plastic waterproof casing that keeps the wires dry when commissioned makes it hard for the cables to be stored without a spool.

Oil, Gas & Marine Wiring –  Oil, Gas & Marine wiring, much like telecommunications wiring is coated in a durable plastic so that it can endure the outdoor elements. While this helps to keep the wiring waterproof, it can make the cables extremely hard to store. Unless you have large cable spools to store them, that is.

What Are The Three Arenas That Large Wooden Spools Triumph In?

While most people might think of our wholesale wooden cable reels for sale as a simple tool for the industrial workspace when in reality it has many functional uses that greatly benefit the user. Below we have listed the three main arenas that our wooden reels for cable can aid an industrial business in.

Storage – As we have mentioned above, one of the most functional uses of a wooden cable spool is to store wires in an efficient manner. Industrial wooden spools allow for wires and cables to be stacked, or hung, in a warehouse rather than rolled up and laid on the floor.

Transportation – Much like in storage, wooden cable spools provide quick solutions for consolidating wires and cables for transportation. For cables and wires that are larger, it is harder to effectively move the cables from point A to point B because they are harder to wrap up and heavier. Using a wooden spool can make it easier to load the vehicle, unload the vehicle, and carry the wires on a job site.

Distribution – Lastly, large cable spools are an excellent tool that aids in the distribution of large gables and wires. When attached to machinery, large wire spools can be used to feel large, or small, amounts of cable easily.

Optimize Your Industrial Business Today With Large Wire Spools From Kai Depot!

If you operate a business that deals with large amounts of wires, cables, or tubing, it is imperative that you optimize your operations today with our wooden wire spools. Our wholesale wood cable spool/reels are designed to store, transport, and distribute cables and wire more efficiently. So what are you waiting for? Shop online today.