Wholesale Shipping Supplies – Quality Matters

Wholesale Shipping Supplies - Quality Matters

If you are the owner of a store that ships materials and products often, you know the importance of having quality shipping products — after all, these products are responsible for getting your product from point A to point B in one piece. If you are a shipping professional (or at the least fancy yourself to be) you have probably found yourself searching terms like “wholesale packaging supplies”, “shipping supplies wholesale”, or even “product packaging supplies”, because if your product does not get there in an acceptable condition you will not make any money — and if you don’t make any money, you lose your livelihood.

At Kai Depot we understand the importance of being able to purchase high-quality shipping supplies wholesale, in fact, that is why we chose to become wholesale manufacturers of bulk packaging equipment. In today’s blog post we’ll be discussing some of our packaging materials — more specifically, our bubble mailers.

So Why Bubble Mailers?

If you are a business owner that ships a large portion of your quarterly sales via the United States Postal Service, the United Parcel Service, FedEx, or any other major shipping distribution organizations, then you probably have had an experience (or two) where one of your products was damaged during transit.

As you know, when an item is damaged in transit, mail distributors hardly ever pay for the damages. In fact, your company will likely be in charge of paying for the return of the damaged item, as well as the new postage for the replacement item. At this point, you have already paid over twice the postage, while also taking a loss on a product cost. But isn’t there a simpler way?

Bubble mailers are the perfect solution to shipping fragile products. After all, they do boast an impressive 3/16” bubble padding that can cushion the blow that your products might receive during transportation. If you find yourself intrigued by the efficiency of bubble mailers, we urge you to check them out, along with some of our other wholesale shipping supplies online at the Kai Depot store.

But What If You Are Shipping Perishables?

For years, there has been a huge issue for business owners that need to ship fragile perishables across the country — that reason being: “How can I ensure my product will get to its destination in one piece while ensuring that the product has not gone bad?” At Kai Depot, we understand that a lot of people have had this question simply because we have been asked it a number of times.

Because of the constant inquiry that people have had in regard to our bubble mailers, we decided to have two distinct products rather than one simple one — after all, bulk packaging materials need to be able to satisfy a number of uses. While our traditional Wholesale Gold Bubble Mailers are an excellent asset in simply shipping fragile goods, they could not ship perishables, being why we manufactured the Wholesale Insulated Cool Shield Bubble Mailer. Now you can ship fragile and perishable goods, keeping them cool for up to 24 hours in transit.

Why Shop For Wholesale Packaging Supplies At Kai Depot?

At Kai Depot we specially tailor our wholesale products to appeal to a specific consumer: You — the business owner. Due to the nature of your business, you find yourself shipping goods across the country. You also have the need for those good to make it from point A to Point B in one piece. Our wholesale shipping supplies are specially manufactured in a manner that ensures that you will have quality shipping materials, while also allowing for you to get them at an affordable cost. So don’t search “shipping supplies wholesale”, just search “Kai Depot”.

If you have any questions about out wholesale packaging supplies, be sure to contact us today!